Wearing Socks While Sleeping Affects Both Your Body and Brain

on In Health / by TheDelizze

If you do not feel suffocated when you sleep with socks on, consider putting them on before bed. According to a scientific study conducted by the Sleep Laboratory in Basel, Switzerland, there is a correlation between the temperature of the feet and the time it takes a person to fall asleep.

For the study, the lab looked at a group of men to see how warm body parts affected their ability to sleep. Blood vessels dilate when they become warm, a process known as vasodilation. When the hands and feet become warm during this process, the internal temperature of the body cools. This shortens the time it takes for sleep to occur.

It also lowers blood pressure, which signals the brain to prepare for sleep.

For some people, however, the science is not always motivation enough. The Today Show posted the story on its Facebook page, asking people how they felt about sleeping with socks on.


Some commenters said they get way too hot:

“I put them on when my feet are cold, but they come on OFF before I fall asleep. Ugh. The only thing worse than cold feet is hot feet LOL.”

“If you do not burst into flames first (sic). Thanks, I’ll pass.”

Meanwhile, others claim they can not breathe:

“Oh crap NO! I breathe through my feet! I can not stand socks… ever! I have to cover my whole body up to my neck, but my toes have to hang out and be able to breathe!”

Some try, but to no avail:

“II can fall asleep in them, but sometime during the night I take them off.

And it seems that a smaller number of commentators already agree with the idea:

“The thought of NOT sleeping with socks on drives me crazy!!!”

If you feel like your feet are too constricted, fear not: there’s another way to get to sleep quickly without restricting your toes. The National Sleep Foundation has a few suggestions:

– Place a heating pad or hot water bottle between your feet. – Place extra blankets at the foot of your bed. – Pre-warm your feet by wearing slippers. – Take a hot shower or bath. – Use an electric blanket.

Of course, sleeping with socks is not for everyone. However, it is an interesting idea if you have trouble falling asleep. And if socks and feet are just not synonymous for you at night, maybe try one of the other methods mentioned above to achieve the same result.