Take Advantage Of These Reusable Items You’d Normally Throw Away

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Saving plastic bags is a trophy for smart housewives. Unfortunately, the bags themselves are often forgotten and rarely reused. However, if you simply throw away plastic bags, you ensure that they end up in a landfill. This is not only bad for the environment, but also deprives you of the opportunity to reuse the bags for a good cause.

Instead of throwing away your plastic bags, save them for the cold winter months. Then, wrap the bags around your windshield wipers and outside mirrors when it’s freezing. The bags will protect your vehicle from damage and keep your car in pristine condition, even in the harshest winter weather.

Aluminum foil

Most people assume that you can only use aluminum foil once. However, this assumption is wrong. No matter what you used your foil for the first time, you can always wash it off and use it again for a very specific purpose.

Instead of throwing away your aluminum foil, you can use it to clean your pots and pans. Simply rinse some of the original dirt off the foil and roll it into a ball. Then use this ball to scrub down your stubborn kitchen utensils. The aluminum foil helps remove stuck food residue and leaves pots and pans perfectly clean.



When you crack an egg, you usually throw the shell in the trash. But if you throw away all your eggshells, you are missing a fantastic opportunity to breathe new life into your garden.

Instead of throwing away your eggshells, take them outside and sprinkle them into the soil around your plants. Eggshells are rich in calcium, so they will provide a boom in growth for your garden. If you do this regularly, you’ll find that your plants will flourish. Trust us -once you try this, you’ll never throw away eggshells again.

Egg cartons

Not only should you store your eggshells, but you should also store your egg cartons. When you have used up all your eggs, do not throw the carton in the trash. Instead, use it to grow your own garden.

Egg cartons are easy to store, flexible and cheap, making them the perfect choice for your seedlings. Fill each pocket of the egg carton with soil, then place your seeds inside at the appropriate depth. Add enough water to keep the carton slightly moist, then place it in a spot where it will get plenty of sun. Once the seeds have germinated, you can transplant them into your garden.

Coffee grounds

After you drink a cup of coffee in the morning, it seems like a given to throw the coffee grounds in the trash. However, throwing away coffee grounds is actually quite a waste. You may not realize it, but leftover coffee grounds can be used in a variety of ways in your household.

Instead of throwing away the coffee grounds, put them in a bowl and refrigerate them. The coffee grounds will help neutralize unpleasant odors, so your refrigerator will always smell fresh and clean. If you are not worried about odors in your refrigerator, you can also use the coffee grounds in your garden. By sprinkling the coffee grounds in the soil around your plants, you’ll keep plant-hostile pests like ants and slugs away.


Newspapers may not be as common as they once were, but there are still those of us who enjoy reading the morning paper. After flipping through the pages, however, you might be tempted to throw the whole thing away. But even if you do throw the newspaper in the trash, that’s not the wisest use for it. Instead, you can use the newspaper to keep your windows clean.

If you want to be environmentally friendly (plus save money), save your old newspapers and use them to clean your windows. Newspapers are a great alternative to paper towels, and they are much better for the environment. Just clean your windows as you normally would, but replace the paper towels with newspapers. Newspapers leave no fibers behind and can help scrape off stubborn dirt and grime.

Soap scraps

If a bar of soap is your cleaning product of choice in the shower, you know all too well that it’s difficult to use every last bar of soap. When the soap runs out, you are often left with a bar that’s far too small to use effectively. Rather than throw it away, save it for later.

If you have a tiny bar of soap, take an old stocking and put the bar in it. Repeat this process until your stocking is full of leftover soap. Then tie the stocking closed directly over your soap collection and cut off the excess fabric. Take the stocking into the shower with you and you’ll have an effective soap bag to use for your next wash.

Orange peel

Since you can not eat the peel of an orange, it seems obvious to throw it in the trash after you peel it off the fruit. But orange peels can actually serve a much better purpose. Instead of ending up in the trash can, you can reuse orange peels to make a great smelling multi-purpose cleaner.

The next time you eat an orange, set the peel aside. Then mix equal parts water and vinegar in a bottle and add the orange peels to the mixture. The result is an effective and natural cleaner that you can use in your home. With the orange peels inside, your house will smell like citrus after each cleaning.

Silica gel packets

Many things you buy, from clothes to electronics, come with small silica gel packets. These packets absorb moisture and protect your items until they arrive at your door. But once you unpack the goods you ordered, it’s easy to just throw the packets away. After all, they have served their purpose.

However, the packages can also serve a variety of purposes in your home. Most importantly, you can store the silica gel packets along with important papers and documents. The packets will keep moisture away from your papers and ensure that they stay dry and crisp for years.


Let us face it – no one uses CDs anymore. Now that streaming music is all the rage, your old CDs are probably gathering dust somewhere in the back of your closet. But instead of throwing them away, you can repurpose your CDs into a decorative, much-needed item for your home.

Before you throw away your old CDs, turn them into coasters! The simplest transformation method is to glue two CDs together. If you want to be a little fancier, you can decorate the CDs with fabric strips or stickers to create an extra fancy home object. Either way, turning your CDs into coasters will prevent them from ending up in a landfill. Plus, it’s a great way to remember your favorite bands and albums, even if you can not listen to them anymore CD.