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Drew Barrymore – 20 Pounds – Flexitarian Diet

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​Drew Barrymore can not afford to skip even one day of training on any given day. That’s how dedicated she is to maintaining her lifestyle. Her routine usually consists of endurance training, dance and gym exercises. A lesser known fact about the actress is that she is an avid yoga practitioner and has been practicing it for over 25 years. As for her diet, she is satisfied with the flexitarian approach, which is basically a less restricted vegetarian diet. She also drinks water with added lemon to promote her health. Our Charlie’s Angel seems to be doing incredibly well!

Kathy Bates – 60 Pounds – Eating Healthy

Kathy Bates’ new transformation is based on advice given to her by her own niece: There’s a point at which the body sends a signal that indicates adequate food intake, and you need to listen for it when your body has had enough. The breast cancer survivor and Titanic actress is a devout follower of the saying, “Stop eating when you’re full.” This habit, coupled with determination, has brought her to where she’s today, and the only regret the actress feels is that she wishes she could have changed her lifestyle much sooner. Slow but sure is the new rule, Kathy!

Kirstie Alley – 80 Pounds – No meals After 7 PM

Despite struggling with her fluctuating weight over the years, the Star Trek actress has finally won in her battle of maintaining a lifestyle she won’t give up on. As the old adage goes, health is wealth and every woman wishes to age gracefully into their senescence. Kirstie Alley now finds joy in working out thrice a week. She has managed to leave her bad eating habits behind and is more mindful of what she chooses to consume in her system. On top of that, she never eats after dark anymore. That, ladies and gentlemen, is dedication at its finest.

Gabourey Sidibe – 150 Pounds – Workout and Diet Plans

After being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, Gabourey Sidibe came to a realisation that health is indeed a luxury. The Precious actress underwent Laparoscopic Bariatric surgery soon after she was informed of her diagnosis. While weight loss transformation is often governed by the desire to appeal to a certain standard of appearance, Sidibe’s motivation was rather highly influenced by the possibility of her health slowly fleeting away. In an interview with People, she had stated that she’d much rather avoid being in constant anxiety about losing her toes or other effects associated with diabetes. Aside from the surgery, much of her weight loss contribution also came from her carefully curated workout routine and meal plans. Proud of you, Gabourey!

Soleil Moon Frye – 42 Pounds – Balanced Home Cooked Meals

The Punky Brewster actress looks so much younger thanks to her substantial weight loss! She owes it all to Nutrisystem, a 28-day weight loss program that provides home delivery of  balanced pre-packed foods delivered . On top of having healthy balanced diet, she strives to stay active by doing regular workouts supervised by her personal trainer. Aside from training or 4 to 5 days a week, she also enjoys outdoor activities such as paddle boarding, bike riding, and beach walks. The actress values her free time by doing either a session of meditation or a bit of cardio. Did someone say healthy life goals?

Carrie Underwood  – 112 Pounds – Healthier Lifestyle

When it comes to working out, Carrie Underwood is a firm believer of only doing what she enjoys. True, fitness activity doesn’t have to be a dread. After going through pregnancy twice and realizing that our body functions differently as we age, The American Idol winner does not like to beat herself up. She views working out as her attempt at being healthy rather than losing weight. In regards to that, she always finds the time and space to get her muscles working anywhere she goes. Apart from that, ever since she opted to be began, her eating habits have transformed completely. No longer relying on bad foods while maintaining the perspective that deprivation diet is useless, she is proving to all mothers out there that a fitness journey doesn’t have to be punishment. Cheers to that, Carrie!

Adrienne Bailon Houghton – 20 Pounds – Lifestyle Overhaul

It seems the former Cheetah Girl hasn’t lost her fierce touch! Having lost 20 pounds, the petite actress has mentioned snide remarks and snarky comments online has fueled her fire throughout her body transformation project. But, how exactly did she do it? According to her trainer, her success is mostly due to working out five days a week with a 90 minute session each day. As for her eating habits, she successfully transitioned into a vegan queen and has since ditched bread and pasta. Apart from the lifestyle overhaul, she also regularly consumed plant-based protein drinks twice daily to amplify her weight loss journey. No doubt her hard word paid off as she now looks absolutely stunning from head to toe courtesy of her new slim figure.

Kaley Cuoco – 28 Pounds – Daily Exercises

Who here hates running? Kaley Cuoco shares the exact sentiment and she is still out here looking like a Greek goddess! So there is hope for us all. The Big Bang Theory actress is a firm believer of doing what you enjoy. Sustainability is easily achieved when you don’t dread what you’re doing. So if you wish to attain her sculpted figure, find a fitness routine you won’t be hating every minute of.  As for her eating habits, she has eliminated meat completely with an exemption of occasional white meat. Although when it comes to it, she dare not conform to her cravings. Kaley is showing us that it’s not wrong to eat your heart out, as long as you bounce back on your routine the next day. Finally! a habit we could all follow through.

Melissa McCarthy – 75 Pounds – Ketogenic Diet

Melissa McCarthy has always been the voice of body positivity. Retail therapy, an activity enjoyed by most women; was a dreading experience for the Spy actress as she was always greeted with disappointment at not finding the right size of clothes that fit. Thus, her weight loss journey began. Surprisingly, the key to the effectiveness of her diet was simply getting enough sleep. Apart from that, practicing Ketogenic diet and choosing a workout routine that she actually enjoyed contributed a lot towards her weight loss success. Most importantly, her weight loss regime did not include starvation or extreme dietary restriction which sends the right message especially to the young fans that she has.

Kevin James – 80 Pounds – Gym Exercises

Kevin James was never one to make the topic of his weight be an issue, and oftentimes he’d even go as far as incorporating his overweight figure in his comedy. However, as an actor, he’d sometimes be required to make physical alteration to better suit the roles he takes on. Thus when he showed up 80 pounds lighter following the filming and release of his movie Here Comes The Boom, the public was pleasantly surprised to see Kevin in a much slimmer figure. Safe to say The King Of Queens star looks unrecognizable! In a good way, of course.

Jorge Garcia – 100 Pounds – Gave Up Bad Habits

The adorable Star of Lost and Hawaii Five O was determined to change his image after a comment made by one of his directors, advising him to shed a few pounds. In pursuance of weight loss, he confided in the expertise of nutritionists and personal trainers. To achieve his weight goals, he adapted to a low carbohydrates and high proteins diet and he coupled it with daily exercises. His determination did not stop there as he also deliberately put his other unhealthy indulgences to a complete halt. He is now the best version of himself and that right there is proof that hard work pays off.

Valerie Bertinelli – 47 Pounds – Portion Control

Her weight loss journey has witnessed ups and downs but she no longer beats herself up for it. So many women struggle with weight loss and many more tend to resort to unhealthy mediums in hope for instant result. The Host of Valerie’s Home Cooking intends to put a stop to this misconception towards weight loss and wants to prove to her fans and viewers that you do not need to punish yourself for every downfall you face in regards to losing weight. According to her, you do not need to restrict on your indulges as long as you train yourself to take it in moderation. Apart from that, keeping an active lifestyle even if it means taking a walk everyday. Valerie makes it compulsory for herself to take 10,000 steps each day to keep her body moving as well as other light physical activities her body is capable of. Valerie is a testament to the fact that you do not have to make drastic changes to your lifestyle to lose weight; consistency is key!

Austin “Chumlee” Russel – 200 Pounds – Healthy Juices

Austin “Chumlee” Russel or better known as Chumlee was one of the television personalities birthed from the History Channel’s reality series, The Pawn Stars. Having dealt with weight issues his whole life, he was determined for a change. His weight loss started in 2013 in which he began putting effort into bettering his lifestyle and eliminating his bad habits. Practicing abstinence from red meat, keeping himself disciplined in his workout routine, and incorporating healthy juices in his diet all contributed to his drastic physical change. He had also undergone a bariatric surgery, which aided his weight loss tremendously. Apart from that, His wife contributed her much needed expertise in nutrition and has helped him in planning his daily meals.

Delta Burke – 20 Pounds – Healthy Diet

Who could forget Delta Burke’s glistening character in Designing Women? Her sudden departure from the show may have been influenced by many factors, weight gain being one of them; nonetheless that did not hinder Burke from constantly trying to get her life together. With the support of her beloved husband, Delta Burke is now looking as healthy as she is radiant. After consistent visits to the gym and elimination of refined foods in her diet, she has managed to lose much of the weight she gained. Despite her rare presence on the screen, she is enjoying life more now that she has bounced back from her less than desired lifestyle.

Kirsten Vangsness – 150 Pounds – Vegetarian Diet

One may recognize her as Penelope Garcia in the television series Criminal Minds, but she has recently been associated with her drastic weight loss journey. Contrary to most assumptions surrounding her weight reduction, she completely opted out of swift shortcuts to losing weight such as surgeries or dieting supplements. Instead she focused on on bettering her eating habits which was made easier through her vegetarian lifestyle as well as deliberately switching to a healthier and more active lifestyle. According to Vengsness, much of her weight loss was attributed to Renee Stephen’s free podcasts in which she learned to practice the spiritual method of losing weight. She even tweeted and further endorsed Renee Stephen’s weight loss methods saying it was the main reason behind her transformation.

Rebel Wilson – 50 Pounds – Circuit Training

2020 is indeed the year of health, as quoted by Rebel Wilson herself in one of her Instagram posts. Her weight loss transformation left her fans wondering how she did it. Luckily, the Pitch Perfect star isn’t too shy about sharing her secrets as she often posts videos of her workout routine which largely consists of circuit training, cardio and stretching. Her personal trainer also swears by the habit of walking 10,000 steps a day to keep one constantly moving throughout the day. According to Rebel, dancing has also contributed to her weight loss following her role in the movie Cat, which required her to actively move about in most of her scenes. Most of all, Rebels prides on being confident, no matter what her size is; something that her young fans could definitely benefit from.

Mama June – 84 Pounds – Keto Diet

June Shannon, or better known as Mama June rose to fame after Here Comes Honey Boo Boo premiered on TLC back in 2012. She made headlines following her weight loss transformation that deemed her unrecognizable! Overall she has managed to lose 84 pounds and has now gone from size 18 to 4. She owes her hard-earned figure to Keto diet, active lifestyle as well as support from her dearest family. Always having to struggle with eating greens, she resorted to drinking green smoothies and that worked very well in her favors. She also steered clear of sugary food and drinks to further aid in her process of losing weight. Apart from her deliberate effort in changing her lifestyle and dietary routine, the role of a strong support system played a significant role in keeping her constantly motivated. It goes to show that external encouragement could do wonders to anyone looking to lose weight.

Oprah Winfrey – 60 Pounds – Weight Watcher Program

Oprah prides herself on being a devoted follower of the Weight Watcher Program which has helped her lose weight over the years. The legendary entrepreneur has tried jumping on the liquid diet bandwagon yet was sadly met with disappointment as the result was temporary. The ultimate weight loss technique according to Oprah is striving to have a balanced life on top of building the habit of eating well and being active. She also said there is no such thing as abstinence when it comes to her diet. She’d eat whatever she craves as long as it is in moderation. Her motivation seems to mirror that of Christina Aguilera’s who shares the same sentiment. Maybe the secret of losing weight in the long run after all is simply being moderate in what we eat.

Lisa Riley – 168 Pounds – Calorie Deficit

Apart from her role in Emmerdale as Mandy Dingle, Lisa Riley has also been prominently known for her weight loss which leaves constant flood of fans congratulating and admiring her new figure on all her social medias. According to Lisa, her journey started by simply replacing her plates with smaller bowls when it comes to eating. It helped her to control her portion and eventually lose weight the realistic way. She further visualized her weight loss journey in her book, Honesty Diet. Apart from watching her portions, she also made the effort to incorporate regular exercises which she would start with walking at least 30 minutes per day. Her realistic methods is what captivates her fans and anyone who is striving to have a better physique.

Ricky Lake – 130 Pounds – Low Calorie Diet

Aside from hosting her self-titled talk show, Ricky Lake is also widely recognized for her weight loss, having lost more than 130 pounds from her starting weight! Being a mother of two, she looks incredible as ever. Dying to know her secret? According to her, changing her eating habits for the better acted as a catalyst for her weight loss! Although she admitted to being a calorie counter, it worked very well for her. Keeping herself active on the daily is also her secret to losing her weight and keeping it in check. All in all, it all comes down to the old-fashioned rule of weight loss: burn more than you eat.

Duane “Dog” Chapman – 17 Pounds – Eating Less

While most celebrities’ weight loss are their own deliberate attempts, Duane “Dog” Chapman weight loss’s story echoes a little differently. Experiencing loss of any kind is a battle no one is ever prepared for, and often times grief overshadows hope. After losing his beloved wife, Chapman struggled with maintaining his appetite as he would go days without a bite. After a period of time, he realized that even thought he was losing weight by method of negligence, it took a positive impact on his health somehow. Since then he vows to continue losing his weight in a healthier way in order to bounce back. Chapman’s strength and resilience in going through the toughest transition of his life and continuing his days now without the presence of his wife, is certainly uplifting.

Mo’Nique – 80 Pounds – Clean Eating

Being patient in your journey of losing weight is a principle Mo’Nique stands firmly by and has resonated with her fans, attracting many positive comments from her supporters. She is actively posting workout, nutrition and overall self-love content on her Instagram page, all for her supporters to emulate. Having been a plus size her whole life, her secret to getting where she is now is rather simple: raw food diet and daily exercising routine. She deviated from going down the route of surgeries, fancy planned food packages or slimming supplements and instead focused on losing weight the old-fashioned way. Through clean eating and a proper workout routine, Mo’Nique is in her best state at 52!

Amy Schumer – 10 Pounds – Diet & Workout

Amy beautiful feature is not the only thing that is interesting about this celebrity. Try hearing her stand up comedy and you will be laughing off your chair. Although this comedy queen seems to have it all, Amy has been struggling with her weight for years after starting to gain weight in 2015 and in 2017, she weight around 160 pounds. In order to get her amazing figure back after her pregnancy, Amy went on a diet and her diet plan consisted of eating healthier food and tweaking her breakfast routine. She then workout with a personal trainer and her go to workout is by running. She posted in her Instagram about losing 10 pounds with a hashtag “no rush” to spread body positivity and telling her fans to take time on losing weight and love themselves.

Dawn French – 105 Pounds – Daily Walks

The motivation behind weight loss Little Big Shot‘s host was rather urgent: to prepare herself for hysterectomy surgery. An advice verbally prescribed by her doctor, her ultimate goal was to have a smooth recovery from the surgery, something weight loss would ensure. Her approach was far from complicated either: she simply began following a low calorie diet and taking long, extended walks each day. French is comfortable in taking a no-pressure approach when it comes to watching her weight and wouldn’t mind a weight gain if it happens. To emulate Dawn French’s perspective, perhaps it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to try being more carefree in our pursuit of healthy living.

Raven Symone – 35 Pounds – Eating Smaller Portions

The star of the Disney Show That’s So Raven has grown up before our very own eyes. Losing 35 pounds during her adulthood has gained her a different kind of attention than she used to. She finds herself to be more confident and appreciative towards her body. Atta girl! Despite her fluctuating weight over the years, she has managed to find an emotional proximity where she is comfortable with with the way her body looks. Her secret to weight loss is far from complicated: eating smaller portions and watch that waist lose a few inches.

Jonah Hill – 40 Pounds – Healthy Diet and Exercise

Jonah Hill was first introduced to the public eye through the comedy hit Superbad back in 2007. A lot has changed since then, as shown in the pictures above. Jonah Hill now looks unrecognizable with a more defined face shape and a slimmer figure! His secret? Nothing fancy at all. he started seeking advice to improve his eating behaviors from a nutritionist and the rest is history. To alleviate his weight loss, he started with minimal exercise before gradually increasing the frequency of his routine with time. Nowadays, Jonah can be seen training in the gym either doing shadow boxing or simply training with his trainers. It is undeniable that Jonah Hill is content with his new-found confidence. More power to him!

Shonda Rhimes – 150 Pounds – Healthy Diet & Daily Walks

Besides being the mastermind behind hit shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, Shonda Rhimes is also the architect of her own body transformation. She has reportedly lost an amazing amount of 150 pounds in weight! How did she do it? Well the secret lies in her abstinence from processed foods, artificial sugars and fast foods. All forms of bad food is strictly prohibited from entering her system. Instead, she focused on watching her calorie intake while gradually including daily walks and other doable fitness activities into her routine. Looking at her now, it is almost impossible to believe that she is a mother of 3!

Ariel Winter – 30 Pounds – Gym Exercises

Ariel winter has long captivated us ever since her performance as Alex Dunphy in the show Modern Family. Growing up publicly, she has always been vulnerable to criticism especially involving her physique. Recently, her image has sparked quite a discussion in the media seeing how thin she seemingly looks. According to Ariel, it is simply the result of an improved medical prescription. She stopped taking medical prescription and almost instantly gained back her metabolism that was suppressed prior to that. Apart from that, her frequent visits to the gym ensures that she is on the right track as she plans to gain a bit of weight back in order to achieve a better figure. Best of luck, Ariel!

Missy Elliot – 70 Pounds – Clean Eating

It is quite hard to believe that much of Missy Elliot’s weight loss is credited to only doing these for months on end: cutting on sodas and bread! sounds easy enough to achieve. But according to her, it would’ve been a struggle if she did not try to maintain a positive attitude towards bettering her life quality. Increasing her water intake has also helped in shedding her weight, although it was quite a task for the rapper as she never made it a habit prior to her weight loss routine. Additionally, it also made her skin condition improved! Kudos to that.

Jordin Sparks – 50 Pounds – Varying Fitness Routine

The singer’s drastic change in appearance has gained a lot of attention and she now proudly flaunts her elegant figure, having lost 50 pounds. She achieved it all through various fitness routine, ranging from boxing to Zumba. When it comes to weight loss, she revealed in an interview with Redbook that it simply comes down to this one easy step: being consistent in her weight loss routine. Apart from that, she practices self acceptance throughout her journey and stated that it is important to find a pace you are comfortable with and work with it. Great advice, Jordin!

Jennifer Hudson – 150 pounds – Home cooked meals

Jennifer Hudson is proving that change really does start from home as she revealed the secret to her stunning slim figure. The songstress emphasized on home-cooked meals as her ultimate weight loss guide. That, and of course, avoiding unhealthy foods. The singer added that her weight loss depended, most days, on her self-motivation. Once she decided to start working on the betterment of her health and life in general, working out and watching what she eats become more like a routine than a chore. Jennifer Hudson is teaching all those who’ve had struggles with body issues that the minute you are ready to take full responsibility for your own health, everything shall go smoothly. Feeling inspired already?

Mariah Carey – 30 Pounds – Sugar-Free Diet

Mariah Carey may have had a gastric sleeve surgery to stimulate her weight loss quest, but without a disciplined routine of proper diet and exercise she wouldn’t have been able to attain her graceful figure nonetheless. The soprano singer incorporated mainly lean protein in her diet and opted out of sugary food and drinks completely. As far as her fitness routine goes, she’d exercise on average three times a week and taking aerobics classes seems to be her favorite. To keep her from obsessing over her weight, she never relies on the weighing scale. Keeping her sanity in check while also getting serious work into getting her dream body, is her ultimate secret to weight loss.

Chris Pratt – 60 Pounds – Home Workout

The actor’s secret to weight loss is to simply cut out the bad stuff. His amazing transformation from the carefree Andy Dwyer to the heroic Peter Quill lies in hours and hours of dedicated home training sessions as well as eliminating unhealthy foods in his diet. Aside from the usual methods of weight loss, he also emphasizes on drinking enough water. Seems like an easy regime to follow: three basic rules and you’re set. Drink your water, eat clean and get active. Who knew it was that easy to be the guardian of the galaxy?

Jason Segel – 35 Pounds – Healthier Lifestyle

It’s not odd for the entertainment industry to expect their actors and actresses to get into shape for a particular role and Jason Segel is no exception to that rule. The How I Met Your Mother star disclosed in an interview with Us Weekly that he had to make some necessary changes to his lifestyle in order to prepare for his movie roles. He started working out twice a day, following a healthy diet and giving up his late night cravings. His motivation? To be able to look at himself in the mirror and be happy with what he sees.

Jessica Simpson – 100 Pounds – ‘Body Reset’ Diet

The diet designed by Harley Pasternaak, a well known celebrity trainer, is mainly responsible for Jessica Simpson’s newly attained figure. It consists of a routine of having three meals and two snacks per day— healthy foods only of course! Apart from her carefully monitored diet, she also incorporated an active routine into her lifestyle that comprises of walking 14,000 steps a day and working out for 45 minutes workout thrice a week. One aspect often overlooked by people wanting to change their lifestyle is the importance of having enough sleep, and the singer makes sure that she gets seven hours of sleep daily to boost her result and boy did it do its job!

Zach Galifianakis – 60 Pounds – Long Walks

To say that his days are numbered seems to be Zach Galifianakis’s preferred answer when asked about his weight loss. But fret not, that’s just another display of the actor’s dark, elusive sense of humor. His actual secret lies in, as done by many other celebrities before him; saying goodbye to everything that is bad for his health. That includes fast and processed foods, refined sugars and basically anything that’d add to your bad calorie intake. Besides that, Zach has also adapted to the routine of taking long walks as part of his pursuit of his general well-being. Way to go, Zach!

Tyler Perry – 30 Pounds – Cutting Out Meat

Proudly flaunting his polished physique, Tyler Perry’s substantial transformation leads to a question: how did he do it? The comedian’s weight loss secret is none other than eliminating meat in his food consumption. Downing green shakes on the regular is also a part of his healthy diet plan. As for his workout routine, he’d start his day with an hour of circuit training consisting of cardio and various strength-focused moves.  He has also taken a liking in Krav Maga, a form of martial arts. All of those combined has collectively contributed to his impressive weight loss and judging by the constant update of fitness motivation in his Instagram posts, he is definitely not stopping anytime soon.

Jerry Ferrera – 55 Pounds – Lifestyle Changes

Undergoing lifestyle reconstruction is possibly the biggest and most rewarding sacrifice one can make for their general well-being and Jerry Ferrera gladly hopped on board. Determined to turn his life around, the Entourage actor dedicated himself into a new lifestyle that involves a steady workout routine and a healthy diet all year round. In an advanced effort to live better, he has also quit his bad habits and taken up a new sport: basketball, which he plays every few days now. His toughest struggle? Giving up on pasta. A very small price to pay for that svelte physique!

Drew Carey – 100 Pounds – Low-Carb Diet

In his pursuit of establishing a healthier lifestyle, Drew Carry made a drastic decision to alter his current way of living. For instance, the host of the television game show The Price Is Right no longer indulges in bread and pasta, substitutes colas for water and dedicates a big portion of his week to working out, walking and running. He also stated that his motivation is mainly incited by the possibility of his health declining if he were to stick to his nonchalant lifestyle. Looking at how far he has come, it’s safe to say that he reached his goal. Well done, Carey!

Kim Kardashian – 70 Pounds – Atkins Diet

Gaining weight post-pregnancy is normal, and shouldn’t be frowned upon. Some mothers are at peace with the fact, and some immediately jumps on the best weight loss routine they could follow. (Both are totally okay!) As fro Kim Kardashian, she has made it her goal to reach her pre-pregnancy weight. For this purpose, she followed a strict Atkins diet, which is just a fancy name for high-protein and low-carb diet plan. She also wakes up every morning for either an intense workout drills with her trainers or a few running circuits with her husband, Kanye. Even though she has gained back a few pounds following a new pregnancy, Kim was fast to bounce back. Now, Kim is looking as good as she did ten years ago!

America Ferrera – 30 Pounds – Not Skipping Breakfast

With her impressive weight loss evolution, the former star of Ugly Betty is certainly looking far from unattractive! Her brand new physique catches the attention of many and they are wondering, what’s her secret? To this, she has only one answer: the urge to feel strong again. That’s her entire motivation. In order to achieve it, she vamped up her daily routine and started working out three times a week with different workout sets each day, mainly focusing on cardio and resistance training. As for her diet, she never skips breakfast and always starts her day with natural metabolism boosters such as green tea.