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Chrissy Teigen is the undisputed queen of cooking and lifestyle hacks in Hollywood, and for good reason. The former supermodel is a published author with a number of cookbooks under her belt.

But for one particular recipe in her brand new book Cravings: Recipes for All the Food You Want to Eat, we are convinced Teigen has some real talent in the kitchen.

The mother of two pulled out all the culinary stops for this recipe, which she “absolutely loves.” One of the reasons she’s so confident about it is that it contains no cheese, bacon or starch.

This must be the stuff vegan and gluten-free dreams are made of! The dish is a chicken wrap that Chrissy has put her personal stamp on.

It’s not just any wrap recipe, but a low-carb version that uses lettuce instead of tortilla. The dish is such a hit for Chrissy – literally – that the supermodel raids the fridge in the middle of the night to devour every last bit of chicken.

But the wraps are not only simply delicious, they are also filling and diet-friendly. The dish takes just 30 minutes to prepare – another good reason to make it for dinner tonight and impress your family or guests with your cooking skills. Get the recipe here!

If you are wondering what a former swimsuit model and best-selling cookbook author eats on a regular basis, we have evidence from Chrissy’s personal social media accounts that prove her preference for low-carb dishes.

The mother of two loves scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast in the morning. Lunch consists of some kind of hearty salad with lots of lean protein and fresh vegetables.

Snacks are commonplace in the Legend household, and a perfect after-lunch snack consists of lots of fruit, juices, sandwiches – basically anything the kids want!

Dinner is never boring in Teigen’s kitchen. With hundreds of recipes in her arsenal, the chef knows how to wow her family with a variety of dishes, from her husband John Legend’s favorite curried chicken to Thai delicacies to Chrissy’s world-famous lemon arugula pasta.

But even though Chrissy eats healthy most of the time, she does indulge in a little treat now and then, especially her grilled cheese sandwiches, which she admits have become a nightly snacking ritual in her home.