Little Gifts You Can Treat Yourself To In Honor Of Single’s Day

on In Fun / by TheDelizze

Happy Singles’ Day! While this particular vacation began as a Chinese tradition called Bachelor’s Day, it has clearly become more than that. It is now recognized and celebrated all over the world. For those who may not know: The reason why today is Singles’ Day is because of the date – 11.11. That’s actually self-explanatory.

In short, this vacation was created to celebrate everyone who is not in a relationship. In China, festivals are held to mark the occasion. In the rest of the world, the day is celebrated with incredible sales and honorable mentions on social media. So if you are a single person looking to treat yourself a little – whether in honor of the vacation or not – we have collected some great ideas for little things you can buy yourself that will not break the bank. All they’ll do is make you feel a little better overall.

Satin pillowcases

Aside from making your bed feel extra luxurious, satin pillowcases have their own benefits. They are known for not frizzing your hair and being better for your skin. They are an affordable option that prevents wrinkles, breakouts, and messy hair! It’s a win-win situation.

Rechargeable electric lighter

If you often light candles, this is just what you need. Instead of buying matches, get this electric lighter. This way, you will not have to reach into a low candle to light it and risk burning your fingers. Of course, it does not cost much and will last you a very, very long time. Not to mention that the charge will also last for a long time.

Humidifying oil diffuser

This humidifier is just the thing to bathe your room in a soft, warm glow while making it smell wonderful. You can fill it with your favorite essential oil and enjoy the wonderful aroma at any time. It comes with different light settings and also with features like automatic shut-off.


If you want a little change in style but do not want to spend a lot, opt for a new pair of sunglasses. You do not have to get a whole new wardrobe to spice up your look. Just pick out a pair of pretty sunglasses and get started! You’ll be surprised how much they can change your outfit.

A bright curtain

For those who want to turn their room into an enchanted forest, this item is just the thing! A light curtain gives the room a beautiful soft light that makes it seem almost magical. There are options that are waterproof, have multiple light settings, and can be controlled with a remote. Combine the fairy lights with sheer curtains to enhance the atmosphere of the room.

A five-year journal

This particular journal allows you to write just one line per day. At the end, you can look back each year and reflect on everything you wrote. Each day has a prompt that you can start with.