Kate Middleton Reveals An Interesting Birthing Technique She Tried With All Of Her Kids

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Giving birth to a child is no easy feat, even for the future Queen of England. Kate Middleton recently spoke candidly about life after motherhood in a podcast. The Duchess of Cambridge has already experienced three births in her life. So it’s safe to assume that she’s something of an expert when it comes to pregnancy.

The Duchess of Cambridge has already experienced three births in her life, so it is safe to assume that she is some kind of expert It’s no secret that Kate suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum during all of her three pregnancies. This acute but serious condition is a form of morning sickness that causes excessive vomiting and nausea during the first few months of pregnancy.

In light of her health complications, Kate used a unique birthing method to ease the birthing process. Kate said in the podcast that the constant nausea during her pregnancy had a drastic impact on her mood.

Admittedly, the Duchess was moody and unhappy, so she set out to find something that would ease her way into motherhood. When she first heard about hypnobirthing, she was immediately interested in learning more about it. Talking to Giovanna Fletcher, Kate shared that throughout all of her pregnancies, she had eaten a fairly unhealthy diet to combat her morning sickness.

But thanks to Hyperemesis, she was able to train her mind and body to use the nutrients from her poor diet to grow new life. At that point, hypnobirthing was the only thing that helped her get through the toughest 9 months of her life.

Kate took a hypnobirthing class during her third trimester that included various meditation and hypnosis techniques to help her relax and lose some of her pre-birth nervousness.

She loved hypnobirthing so much during her first pregnancy that she tried it again with both Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. According to Middleton, there are different levels of hypnosis in the courses, ranging from breathing exercises to meditation.

Although William did not accompany her on her hypnobirthing journey, Kate said it really helped her manage her morning sickness and become more aware of her body during labor.

Now Kate has made it her mission to help other women going through similar pregnancy complications, and so far the Duchess is doing a fantastic job!