Ikea’s ‘Vacation in a Box’ Will Transport You To Another World

on In Fun, News, Travel / by TheDelizze

Popular Swedish furniture store Ikea has found a new and original way to bring the ultimate travel experience right into your living room – all in the spirit of exploring the world from home. Their latest product, “Vacations in a Box,” is filled with a series of special items that embody the spirit of four special destinations, including Tokyo, the Maldives, Paris and Cappadocia!

Inside the box you’ll find a range of accessories and decorations including pillows and even artificial palm trees. Each set comes with music, movies and even some activities to do at home. Tokyo Box includes everything you can imagine to recreate the typical Japanese tea ceremony: a teapot, cups, serving trays and even some artificial cherry blossoms.

Not in the mood for Tokyo? Try the Paris box, which includes beautiful Parisian accessories and tableware for a chic downtown bistro. The set also includes recipes for fine French dishes that you can eat off the stylish dinnerware. Currently, the box sets are only available online and in stores in the UAE. Fortunately, you can download activities, recipes and reading materials from the website, so you can at least get a taste and even create your own vacation box set wherever you like. With a little imagination and the right colors, you’ll be ‘up and going’ in no time.”

If you are having trouble creating the right environment, Ikea Vacation Boxes will soon be available in all stores. In the meantime, you can use the time to plan a real vacation so you can head to those dream destinations in real life. Of course, if travel is not your thing, you can also spruce up your home with a few ordinary Ikea pieces. There’s nothing better than relaxing at home in style.