How To Keep Your Kids’ Entertained On Long Flights

on In Travel / by TheDelizze

Are you planning a trip with your kids? But you are worried about how to keep your kids occupied and out of trouble throughout the trip. Many parents often find themselves in the same situation as you, especially if you have very young children. There is nothing worse than being unprepared when you fly on vacation with your children. However, a long flight does not have to be stressful or boring, because there are countless ways to keep your kids happy and entertained – no matter how old they are. Here are a few ideas to keep your kids busy on long flights. Grab your notebooks, you’ll thank us later!

Play card games

Card games seem like something we played with as kids, but believe it or not, if you can find something fun and interesting, your kids will really enjoy this activity. For many parents who already have experience with kids flying, card games are a favorite. There are so many cool games that you can not only take with you on the flight, but also keep them entertained while on vacation. Some of the best games are UNO, Go Fish or a simple card game.

Pack plenty of snacks

One piece of advice: do not downplay the fact that good snacks can definitely keep your kids entertained for quite a while. When kids are hungry, they can get very restless – so be sure to fill their bellies. Of course, it’s better to keep snacks as healthy as possible. The last thing you want is for your kids to be on a sugar high! It’s also better to bring familiar foods that your kids love and enjoy!

Bring coloring books and crayons.

This old classic is a foolproof way to keep your kids entertained – even if it’s only for a short time. Before the flight, buy a set of coloring books and some crayons or markers to color with. It’s a good idea to choose coloring books that your kids know and love, such as superheroes, Disney characters or Harry Potter – they might enjoy them longer than you think.

Surprise your kids with a new toy.

Before you leave, give your kids a chance to pick out a new toy for the vacation – but save one or two surprise toys. When they start to get fidgety, you can surprise them with the toy you bought. This is a great way to keep your kids fascinated and out of trouble!

Download movies and a few books

You can do this just before the flight or weeks in advance. These days, almost every kid is fixated on a screen! Even if you are not in favor of putting your kids in front of a screen, this can really help you – even if it’s just for a little while. Download their favorite books, music, or movies – there’s no doubt they’ll get excited about this activity. If you are worried that the content might not be stimulating enough, be sure to look for educational videos.