24 Effective Ways To Naturally Detox Your Body (Fast)

on In Health / by TheDelizze

When someone tells you they’re doing a detox, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? A green juice? If so, you can thank our recent national obsession with juicing. It’s America’s #1 prefered way to rid your body of toxins-with cold-pressed juice alone raking in $100 million annually-but also such a hotly debated practice that people’s feelings about it are almost as polarizing as the Kardashians.

So, should you do a juice cleanse? The truth, according to Eat This, Not That!: Nah. Juicing simply isn’t always the safest or most effective way to flush out your body. (Get in-the-know by discovering these 10 Signs a Juice Cleanse is Bogus!) Thankfully, there are many other (and easier!) ways to get your system working at an optimum level.


An easy way to flush the body is by taking a supplement that supports your liver’s natural detoxification function. Natural health physician Dr. Fred Pescatore likes Robuvit. “It’s an extract from the French oak tree and it actually helps to normalize the enzymes in your liver and reduce oxidative stress to keep it functioning at its best,” Dr. Pescatore says. “The liver is our body’s detox engine; it removes toxins from the blood stream, breaks down alcohol and drugs, and processes nutrients to be absorbed in the body. So, it’s crucial to keep the liver healthy for an optimal detox program.” Robuvit is one type of this kind of supplement; ask your doctor for what’s right for you, like if there are generic versions that may be better suited for you.